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McCarthy Heating Oil Truck

Serving Southeastern Connecticut since 1961

Customer Stories

We have been McCarthy Oil customers since 1988, and it is our intention to never change. A quick look at our driveway is probably sufficient to explain this loyalty. Our driveway is a winter challenge under the best of circumstances. Winter navigation is always a problem; and it was really bad before we replaced it in 1999.

Our loyalty to McCarthy was sealed during the worst part of the winter of 1996. Weeks of snow and ice made the driveway impassable for some time. McCarthy Oil had been trying to get up the drive but couldn't, even though we had been out sanding and chipping the ice for days. The McCarthys were great. The truck pulled up to the end of the drive. Along with our neighbors and friends, the McCarthys helped us carry that oil up our drive, in the dark, slipping and sliding, bucket by bucket. It took lots of buckets, and it was very hard work.

This was not the only time. It happened again several years later.

We never thought the delivery terms on McCarthy's agreement actually meant they would go to such lengths for their customers. We love our oil company and would never change. McCarthy is a special part of our community. Thank you so very much.

~ Betsy Ritter, State Representative, Quaker Hill

The Wetmore family has had a great relationship with the McCarthy family for 60 or more years. In the 1940s, Jim McCarthy Sr. supervised my parents' conversion from coal to oil heat. As the years rolled on, the McCarthy family continued to provide exceptional service and took splendid care of my mother who was able to remain home until her 100th year. It was a great comfort for me to know that her heating and service needs were always in good hands.

During the mid 1950s, when I was a young Coast Guard officer living in New London and serving on the buoy tender MARIPOSA as an instructor at the Academy, my young family also relied on the McCarthys. I still have a vivid memory of a day in November 1958 when our new burner was installed. It was a cold blistery day, and we had invited Otto Graham, who was then visiting the Academy and soon to be the new Athletic Director and football coach, to dinner. Joan and I were a little nervous about having such a distinguished guest and felt awkward about having a "cold" house. Not to worry- Otto was soon working up a sweat rolling around on the living room floor wrestling with the children. By the time our meal was completed the furnace was in, and we were all warm and cozy.

I retired from the Coast Guard, and we moved back home to New London in 1982. We immediately reestablished a relationship with the McCarthy family. Their service has always been and continues to be the best. Just a couple months ago at Jim's recommendation, we installed a new water heater- a model perfect to meet our needs.

It's a pleasure to live in a community where we are able to enjoy and appreciate the good reliable service and friendship of the McCarthy family business.

~ Thomas Wetmore, Rear Admiral U.S. Coast Guard Retired, New London

I want to thank you for coming to look at and diagnose my furnace. Especially, I want to thank you for sending down Glenn and his partner to work over two days setting things right. They did a wonderful job on fixing things. They were polite and friendly, cleaned everything up, turned off the lights, and locked the doors.

~ Patricia Christy, Waterford

I've been a McCarthy customer for over a quarter century. It's a pleasure doing business with a hometown company that always comes through.

~ Walter Eccard, Quaker Hill

I wish I could rely on other companies that I do business with like I can rely on McCarthy Oil.

~ Colleen Pinckney, Quaker Hill

When I signed on with McCarthy a decade ago, I didn't realize that you were going to be so helpful, so proactive in addition to being a timely deliverer of heating oil.

I appreciate your generous attention to the heating system at two properties. It reassures me that even if something went amiss, it would never be for lack of your watchfulness.

~ Lee Fontanella, Quaker Hill