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Preventative Maintenance Plans

To be safe, all systems should have a scheduled preventative maintenance program annually. A service program performed by experienced McCarthy techs can actually save you money and give you peace of mind.

Choose from 3 levels of plans designed to handle your comfort level:

Plan 1: Fuel Saver + Maintenance Package (Stop losing 10% of your fuel)


  • The Maintenance Inspection List performed the McCarthy way
  • Full cleaning and complete tune up. (All labor and parts for cleaning and tune up are included.)

You're safer. You use less fuel. You save more money, and your entire heating system becomes an asset instead of a liability.

Plan 2: Fuel Saver + Maintenance Plus Package (Unlimited labor)


  • Everything in Plan 1
  • Unlimited Labor* on your oil burner and controls during normal business hours. (Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm) with a maximum of 3 night emergency calls from November-April.

*Does not include: wiring or plumbing such as tankless coils or water pipes, oil lines or draining down of heating system to replace major components, replacement or repair of boiler, furnace piping, duct work or heating system resulting from fire, flood, or damage incurred from abnormal operation including frozen oil lines from cold weather.

Plan 3: Executive Package (Over $4,000 in parts & labor coverage)

Our most comprehensive protection plan that covers parts PLUS labor.


  • Plan 1 - The fuel saver package including the McCarthy 32 Step Maintenance Program.
  • Plan 2 - Complete coverage of all the parts listed above. PLUS all the labor on the parts listed below:
    • Electrodes
    • Fuel Pump Seal
    • Cad Cell Relay
    • Limit Control
    • End Cone
    • Fuel Pump Strainer
    • Circulator Relay
    • Burner Blast Tube
    • Oil Valve - Delayed
    • Digital Thermostat (heat only except Riello)
    • Burner Fan
    • Leads (cable)
    • Oil Flow Check Valve
    • Burner Motor (up to 1/4 h.p.)
    • Oil Tank Gauge
    • Toggle Switches
    • Transformer
    • Oil Tank Vent Alarm
    • Combustion Chamber (HW/Steam up to 4 section)
    • Draft-A-Stat (up to 7")
    • Nozzle (3/16 & 1/4)
    • Nozzle Oil Line
    • Nozzle Assembly (adapter)
    • 3 Lengths Smoke Flue Pipe (up to 8")
    • Air Filter up to 2" (1/year)
    • Expansion Tank (#30)
    • Watts Duo Vent (h.w. only)
    • Blower Fan Belt
    • Blower Motor (max 1/3 h.p.)
    • Blower Pulley (heat only)
    • Fan Control
    • Relief Safety Valve (steam boiler)
    • Relief Safety Valve (h.w.)
    • Zone Valve Power Head (h.w. system)
    • Firomatic Oil Valve
    • Glass Gauge
    • Glass Gauge Washer
    • Aquastat
    • Cad Cell Eye
    • Fuel Filter Cartridge (1/year)
    • Fuel Filter Complete
    • Fuel Pump
    • Pump Coupling
    • Taco Circulator Complete 007