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Green Heat

At McCarthy Heating Oil, we believe a smaller carbon footprint is good for the planet and good for your savings account too!


Heating oil is now Bioheat, a blend of heating oil with vegetable oil that’s the only heating fuel in Connecticut with renewable content. If live in Connecticut and heat with oil, it's already in your tank! For more information please visit

What is a carbon footprint?

Your carbon footprint is the direct effect your actions and lifestyle have on the environment in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. Every time you drive a car, use electricity, or consume or use a product, you are contributing to carbon dioxide emissions. This is problematic because the world's carbon emissions are at an all-time high, creating a thick "blanket" of gasses around our earth and causing our climate to change. We must all take action now to reverse our growing carbon emissions, or else we face irreversible damage to the world's environment.

What Can I Do to Reduce my Carbon Footprint?

McCarthy Heating Oil wants to help you do your part in conservation. Working together, we can make a difference! Below is a list of proven conservation tips:

  • Make sure your home heating equipment is properly maintained and cleaned
  • Have furnace filters replaced regularly
  • Caulk or weather-strip your doors and windows
  • Plug cracks in masonry walls and foundations or where pipes and wires enter your home
  • Keep drapes and shades closed at night in winter
  • On sunny winter days, open your drapes or shades to get the full benefit of the sun
  • Replace your fireplace's fire screen with glass doors and a convective grate to reduce the loss of warm air
  • Close your fireplace's damper when not in use
  • Insulate areas with the biggest air leaks: the attic, crawl space or unheated basement
  • Make sure you use insulation with the right R-value and weather-strip the attic hatch or door entrance. Also check the insulation in your exterior walls and floors.
  • Install programmable thermostats to automatically adjust the temperature in your home.
  • Install energy-efficient windows
  • Install wall outlet and switch plate gaskets to limit the flow of cold air
  • Don't turn your heat completely off overnight or during the day. (You may use more energy reheating your home than you saved by turning it off.) At night, lower your thermostat 4-6 degrees maximum
  • Set your hot water temperature to 110-120 degrees
  • Be sure to maintain proper humidity in you home
  • Replace your older heating equipment with new, higher efficiency equipment, and save 20-30% on your fuel bills
  • Make sure furniture and rugs don't block radiators or heating vents

Heating Oil - A Great Choice for Greener Heat

The oil industry has reduced its carbon footprint 40% in the last 30 years. This is an amazing statistic!

Whether you are purchasing an existing home, building a new one, or remodeling, you have to decide on heating. You want your heat to be clean, comfortable, efficient, economical, dependable, environmentally friendly, safe and versatile.

  • Oil heat is clean. In fact, it's 95% cleaner than it was in the 1970s. If properly adjusted and maintained, new oil heat systems create no soot, dirt, or odors in the home. Heating oil itself has been improving: in the past 20 years, the sulfur content of heating oil has been reduced from over 1% to an average of .25% resulting in a cleaner environment for all of us.
  • Oil heat is efficient and economical. Efficiency ratings on new oil heat systems normally range from 86%-87%. These higher efficency ratings translate into cost savings on your home heating bills leaving more money in your budget.
  • Oil heating systems are versatile - heating with water, steam or warm air, or hydro-air, which uses both water and warm air in the same system. Oil heat systems can also provide heating and cooling and be fitted with air-cleaning equipment and humidifiers.
  • Oil heat can provide unlimited hot water.

We believe oil heat is a great choice!

Greener Heat: An energy efficiency checkup will help you cut costs and emissions.Energy Efficiency Checkup

An Energy Efficiency Checkup will help you cut costs and emissions. Enhancing efficiency may help you save up to 5% OFF your annual fuel bill. When your heating system is running at peak efficiency, it burns less fuel. That puts conservation to work. Anytime you conserve fuel, you:

  • Reduce your costs of heating your home
  • Reduce all greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce your carbon fooprint
  • Reduce dependency on foreign oil

Schedule an Energy Efficiency Checkup with one of McCarthy's Certified Energy Conservation Technicians by calling 860-443-2839!