McCarthy Heating Oil Service

P.O. Box 332, 50 Route 32
Quaker Hill, CT 06375
Tel: 860-443-2839

McCarthy Heating Oil Truck

Serving Southeastern Connecticut since 1961

Fuel delivery drivers in class continually training for the safety and security of our customers

Fuel delivery drivers in class continually training for the safety and security of our customers.

About McCarthy Heating Oil

In 1961, James McCarthy Sr., his wife Mary, and their son James started McCarthy Heating Oil Service. James Sr., with over 30 years of fuel oil business experience behind him, bought Southern New England Fuel Company. The business started in August of that year, operating out of the basement of their home with only one small fuel truck, one old service van, and 300 customers.

Eventually, McCarthy Heating Oil moved to the old Tide Water Plant property on Scotch Cap Road where it operated until 1985. Within five years, McCarthy had increased their fleet by two larger trucks and two more service vans.

In June of 1968, another son, Joseph, came into the business as a service technician. In August of 1975, James McCarthy Sr. retired from the business due to ill health and James Jr. took over as general manager and his mother and brother as partners. Mary McCarthy retired in the early 1980s. In 1986, Michael McCarthy joined the firm as a service technician. He now also serves as Secretary of the corporation.

McCarthy Heating Oil moved to its present location in February of 1985. We now operate seven 3,000 gallon fuel trucks and five service vans. We have entered every facet of the fuel business including complete heating system installations and air conditioning.

We have grown over the years, however, our primary aim is and always has been to maintain a personal relationship with our customers that only a small, family-run business can offer. We are into the third generation of our family as well as some of our customers' families, and we are enjoying every minute of it!

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